Kiln Dried Firewood

What is Kiln dried firewood?

Kiln drying is a process for forcing the moisture our of the firewood. Our kiln removes more than 85% of the moisture found in our firewood. To start the process we loaded cut and split wood into metal baskets and then placed into our firewood kiln. The kiln is then heated to 255 degrees for 30 hours. This process reduces the moisture of the firewood down below 15% where air dried wood is normally between 15% – 20%. Our wood is then stacked tight and ready for delivery to your home or restaurant.

Why do we do this?

As you have probably noticed air dried wood burned to soon and at a high moisture level is hard to light and can even go out after it is lit due excess moisture inside. Firewood at minimum should be below 20% and can even be dangerous to burn if it is not. The water inside can create low pops of hot embers that can be very dangerous! they can fly quite a distance hitting people or flammable items nearby.

Many others will sell you wood that was recently cut, not kiln dried and is only seasoned for a few months. Properly air dried wood needs to season for nearly a year to await the moisture to drop to a safe level to provide good and safe burnable wood. Our kiln can dry that same wood in a matter of a few days, providing you with quality, bug free wood at well below 15% moisture.

We truly want you to enjoy using our wood no matter when you burn! Whether you are cooking with it, heating a home, or just enjoying the time spent around the fire pit year around, no matter the season, quality and performance is our goal!

Benefits of Kiln Dried Wood

  • Bugs – Kiln drying kills them.
  • Startup – Kiln wood is very easy to light.
  • Burn – Kiln dried firewood burns up to 30-40% hotter than air dried
  • Cost – Price difference is minimal and will save you time.

We prepare our Kiln dried firewood daily by loading our split firewood into our kiln. This is the process that ensures your wood comes out clean, bug/mold free, and at the lowest moisture content possible.

Kiln dried firewood vs. Air Dried Firewood

Standard Air Dried Firewood

  • Tougher to light.
  • Usually have some bugs.
  • Possibly wood disease.
  • More smoke from moisture.
  • Creosote buildup on your grill, smoker, fireplace, or pit.
  • Burns cooler than kiln dried.
  • Restrictions on being transported.

Kiln Dried Firewood

  • Lights Instantly
  • Bug Free
  • Disease free
  • Less Smoke
  • Less Creosote
  • Burns 30-40% hotter
  • Can be transported (Certified with WI)

Certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Agriculture Resource Management Division, Plant Industry Bureau